Human Trafficking is believed to be one of the fastest growing forms of organised crime in the world, though most people ignore it or are simply unaware. It yields profits of USD 32 billion, with figures showing 27 million men, women and children in slavery.

Linx, in partnership with Moonbeam Films, produced a 5 part series on Human Trafficking for BBC World Television, hoping to raise awareness of this crime.

The series looks at human trafficking worldwide, in all its forms, with the emphasis on what big business can do to help end this modern form of slavery. The series included border trafficking at the Mexico-USA border; children sexually exploited in Kenya’s tourist resorts; the underpaid workers in the garment industry in India; child labour in tobacco farms in Malawi and India; child brides in Egypt, which included an exclusive interview with Egypt’s First Lady Mrs Suzanne Mubarak.

Watch the promo on BBC World -

Watch Weekend World’s interview about the series with Faridoun Hemani, co-Executive Producer of the series with Anne Reevell of Moonbeam Films

The series was sponsored by Telecom Egypt and End Human Trafficking Now (EHTN). The programmes were aired on BBC World in May and June 2010, and will be repeated later this year.

A separate 6th programme on Domestic Servitude will air on the weekend of September 4th.

It investigates how young women in Kenya are lured by fly-by-night ‘agents’ into slavery in countries like Saudi Arabia, where they are abused by their employers. Some women return home in coffins. Others, like Fatma Athman are luckier, but come back injured. She was mistreated by her employers, tried to run away, didn’t succeed, and ended up with another family. In a moving interview, she describes how she was pushed off a third floor balcony, and was only saved because she fell into a swimming pool. She broke both her hands in the process. And it doesn’t just happen in countries like Saudi Arabia. In London, we speak to women who were brought out of Tanzania under false pretences by unscrupulous employers, and ended up living in inhumane conditions in the UK.

The programme will be previewed on BBC World’s Weekend World on September 4th, and it will air several times over that weekend.

Weekend World Programme airs:

Friday 3th September – 2140 GMT

Saturday 4th September - 0010 GMT, 0710 GMT, and 1210 GMT

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Working Lives – Domestic Servitude Programme airs:

Saturday 4th September – 0430 GMT, 1730 GMT

Sunday 5th September – 1030 GMT, 2330 GMT

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