Editorial Support and Public Relations

Our core business is TV News. The world's broadcasters know and trust Linx.

We know what makes a news story.

We can help and advise you on strategic plans to get your message presented positively.

We will be honest with you and tell you whenever we think you are attempting to produce a story that is unlikely to make air.

But more often we will advise you on how to create a story that will appeal to broad or specific markets.

We will identify news events where your video can add impact, and help you get your message across at times and in places you may not have identified yourself.

However strong your story or your video, we cannot guarantee it will be broadcast. But we know the decision-makers in the video news industry, and will focus our media relations efforts where we know there is a good chance of success.

Additionally - in the online age, where broadcast and print are merging into multimedia, Linx partners with experts in print and radio to offer a comprehensive range of Public Relations and Media Relations services worldwide.