UNODC World Drug Report 2008 - VNR

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Video News Release for UNODC 2008 World Drug Report

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Embargo until 1300 EST June 26 2008 

Story: The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime 2008 World Drug Report says that global drug usage has stabilised. But UNODC warns that drug production is increasing, and is now largely controlled by insurgents in countries like Afghanistan and Colombia.

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Shows: coffee shops in The Netherlands; drinkers and smokers in London, UK; UNODC HQ in Vienna, Austria; Morocco police destroying marijuana; Colombian soldiers  destroy coca crops; Colombian airforce sprays coca crops with herbicide; opium poppy fields in Afghanistan; Afghanistan army destroying poppies; UNODC Executive Director, Antonio Maria Costa, soundbite on increased drug supply; drug traffickers under arrest in Tajikistan; UNODC  Mr Costa soundbite saying human rights of traffickers and users need to be respected; vs drug addicts; UNODC Costa says marijuana is now many more times powerful than it used to be.

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